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It's smart to own a Volkswagen, whether it's new or used. Our new Kanata approved used (Certified Pre-owned/CPO) program includes vehicles up to 7 years old (up to 160,000 km), which means that you've got an even wider selection of certified used Volkswagens to choose from in Ontario.


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Myers Volkswagen is Your #1 Eastern Ontario Dealer for Volume! We are the best Kanata Volkswagen, located in the Palladium Auto Park in Kanata. We offer a shuttle service and the complete Volkswagen Classic Parts Collection for all Vintage Volkswagens.


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Has the Volkswagen you've fallen for been around the block? We're very proud of that. And we want the feeling to last. Every Certified Pre-owned VW (CPO) vehicle is inspected by our highly skilled Volkswagen specialists in Kanata that make sure all of our VW's meet the quality standards that you expect from a Volkswagen in Ontario.


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Volkswagen has the right model to suit your exceptional lifestyle! So whether you're looking to buy, sell, lease or trade, Myers Volkswagen has the best offers and incentives! Connect with us to book an appointment in Ontario.



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Every month we list our best new vehicle offers for our Kanata customers. Check back often for our best financing offers and cash discounts on 2017 Tiguans, 2017 Jettas, Passats, Golfs and more Volkswagen cars and SUVs in Ontario.


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Visit our virtual Kanata Showroom and find the right Volkswagen car or SUV that fits your lifestyle. We have compact cars, compact sedans, luxury sedans, mid-sized SUV's and luxury SUVs. Why not coming in for a test drive?


Myers Volkswagen is your Quality Service and Maintenance Provider in Kanata, Ontario


Myers Volkswagen is your Kanata local service and parts VW dealer. We offer Volkswagen custom auto body Parts and Volkswagen Services: Oil change, tire rotation, fluid flushes, wheel alignments, vehicle inspections, battery replacement, wiper blades replacement, brakes replacement, body repairs, glass repairs or replacements and much more in Ontario.


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A little maintenance goes a long way. Our Myers Volkswagen Original coupons provide useful maintenance information and discounts so you can continue to enjoy your Volkswagen for years to come in Kanata, Ontario.



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View the Myers Volkswagen Sales, Service and Parts hours of operation in Kanata, Ontario. We are open on Saturdays too and we would love you to come in for a cup of coffee and a friendly VW discussion.

View the 2017 Myers Volkswagen Golf GTI in Kanata, Ontario


2017 Myers Volkswagen Golf GTI:

Whether you're parked in front of the night club or right on the beach, the 2017 Golf GTI will turn heads with its clean, no-nonsense styling and performance highlights. Then when you push the gas pedal, look out.


View the 2017 Myers Volkswagen Beetle in Kanata, Ontario


2017 Myers Volkswagen Beetle:

Some people in this world are just a little different – but in a very good way. When it comes to buying a car, we know they will never settle for anything that even whispers "ordinary."


View the 2017 Myers Volkswagen Passat in Kanata, Ontario


2017 Myers Volkswagen Passat:

Ideal for a busy family, with the size, power and comfort to go across town or across the country. Yet, well-mannered style and classic lines mean you arrive smartly at a business meeting or the golf course. Affordability meets refinement. Request your quote online!

View the 2017 Myers Volkswagen Jetta in Kanata, Ontario


2017 Myers Volkswagen Jetta:

With a powerful yet extremely fuel-efficient engine, today's in-demand technology and a host of advanced safety features you'll enjoy an exceptionally refined driving experience at an exceptionally down to earth price.

View the 2017 Myers Volkswagen Golf SportWagen in Kanata, Ontario


2017 Myers Volkswagen Golf SportWagen:

Discover the performance of a sport car and the versatility of a people and gear hauler, in one remarkably affordable vehicle. Plus, enjoy onboard technology that lets you stay in touch with your world when adventure calls. Request a test drive today!


View the 2017 Myers Volkswagen Tiguan in Kanata, Ontario


2017 Myers Volkswagen Tiguan:

You were born to drive. And you need the versatility of an SUV. You just found your new best friend.


Myers Volkswagen is your number one Volkswagen dealer in Kanata, Ontario. We offer the largest selection of new 2017 Volkswagen cars and SUVs. We don't stop at Volkswagen cars, but we also carry a large selection of pre-owned cars from other brands. Expect only good surprises from Myers Volkswagen certified and non-certified pre-owned Kanata cars. We carefully pick and inspect our pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs to ensure their safety and functionality. You can buy used vehicles from Myers Volkswagen with a peace of mind.


Myers Volkswagen Parts Department: Visit our VW Parts and VW Accessories department and browse our huge selection of VW merchandise. Contact the Myers VW Service department in Kanata to arrange your next VW service in Ontario.


View the Classic Volkswagen Parts page in Kanata, Ontario. We are the number 1 Volkswagen Authentic Distributor in Canada. Get a VW alignment in Kanata or just check your current alignment.


Start a Volkswagen Career with Myers Volkswagen. Browse our Kanata Myers VW reviews and learn about our community involvement. We want your used/pre-owned vehicle in Kanata. Learn more about our Volkswagen Technologies. Learn more about our Myers Pre-owned Specials and find out more about our Tricare Protection packages.


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